call the time eternity

call the time eternity

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credits and production notes
Produced and performed by Chris Vrenna and Jesse Hall
Co-Produced by Chris Kniker
Additional production on “a bit longer than usual” by the Lollipop Guild
Recorded and mixed by Chris Vrenna and Jesse Hall at The Treehouse of Terror, Sherman Oaks, CA

All songs written by Chris Vrenna (My Little Music/ASCAP) and Jesse Hall (MRDB Music/BMI) except:
“nothing at all” written and performed by Chris Vrenna, Jesse Hall, Jessicka Addams (EVIL CHA CHI/ASCAP)
“grounded” written and performed by Chris Vrenna, Jesse Hall, kaRIN (Hearogliphics Music/ASCAP)
“i don’t care anymore” written by Phil Collins (Hit & Run Music Publishing, Inc.)

Moments of clarity by Britnee Leigh

Jessicka Addams appears courtesy of Scarling
kaRIN of Collide appears courtesy of Noiseplus Music
Abhorrent Derelict appears courtesy of himself

Mastered by Erie Loch
Photography by Chris Vrenna and Jesse Hall
Art direction and concept by Chris Vrenna and Jesse Hall
Layout by Erie Loch

People who did their thing and helped us do ours:
Chris Kniker at Fervent Management, Adam Katz at Next Wave Management, Dave Heckman and Metropolis Records, Sioux Zimmerman at Magnum PR,  Jake Wisely and Michael Pizzuto at Bicycle Music Publishing, Jeff Antebi at Waxploitation, Indian and Rhyan at Motor Media USA, Al Unser Jr. and IndyCar Racing, Josh Oas at Madison Media Institute, Rafi Shlosman at, John Jameson, Joon, Clint Walsh, Rob King, Stephen Bannister, Joe Taupier, Rich Mouser, Albert Vorne, Matt Matlock, , Joe Sorren, Leigh Gorman (a true life saver), Jim Louvau, Large Marge, Cookie-Tush, Mom, Beth, Mike, Quin and Kaden, Dallan Baumgarten, William Faith, Mike Raven, Andreas Slavik, Statik, Mel Tipping , Monica Seide, David Bond, Deborah Chow, Erie Loch and Exageist, Da5id Din, Jim Rose, Dean Capone at dPulse, ACIDplanet, Sascha K. and KMFDM, Brent Zius, Nick Young, Greg Hetson and Loomis Fall, Terry Balsamo, Rob Holiday, Skinny Puppy, Army Of The Universe, Personal Waste Management, Paul de Benedictis, Zak Bagans, Alexander Varughese, Blue Haas, Carly Jean May, Chris Haas, Cody Bailey, Aaron Sangenitto, Clint Mansell, Mike Fonte, Trent Reznor, Chris Eakins, J, Paul Italiano and FashioNation, Kyle Hertz, Jeff Dodson, Angela Newell, Jeff Allen, Beau, Cary Jones, Aaron Zilch, Amber Shouse, Joe Haze, JP Anderson, The Tiraterra Family, Mike Peoples, Jenny Scott, Christian Humphreys, Yoni, Nathalie Santiago, Craig Clements, Billy York, Nathan Peterson, Brandon Ebell, Laszlo, Chris Strokes, Steve and Amy Ulrich, Ethan Novak, Sean Payne, Jamie Duffy, Jason Novak, Jody and Peggy Hall, Tim Haley, Mark Spencer, Lennon Behrhorst, Robert Ohneiser, Kortney Moll’e

Eric Pershing at Spectrasonics, Mitch Thomas at Soundtoys, Nicole Dow and Derek Heimlich at McDSP,
Everyone at Digidesign/Avid, Chris Roberts at OWC, Jeff Turzo at Overstayer, John Paulson at Seagate Drives, Ryan Sellers at FXpansion, Erica McDaniel at UA